CFP: New engineering actors and practices in agriculture

Engineering Studies warmly welcome prospective authors to submit their contributions to a special issue dedicated to New engineering actors and practices in agriculture. For additional details, please consult the CFP for this special issue (PDF).

Research on Engineering Practice (REP) Workshop - Nominee Application

The one and a half day, NSF-sponsored REP Workshop will be held at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California. The workshop will bring together scholars, industrial partners, and policymakers from around the United States and abroad. We are interested in appraising the current state of research on engineering practice and developing research agendas focused on using findings from research on engineering practice to transform engineering education programs in academic and industry settings.

What are your interests in research on engineering practice? Briefly describe any current or future projects you have been, or will be, working on in this area.
What expertise do you bring to studying engineering practice? How will you contribute to the diversity of perspectives at this workshop?
What are the biggest opportunities/challenges the community currently faces as it relates to research on engineering practice?
What papers/products from your own work AND/OR others do you believe would contribute to this discussion of research on engineering practice? Please include citations for each paper/product.
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