About INES

Founded in 2004 in Paris, the International Network for Engineering Studies (INES) is an interdisciplinary arena of scholarly research and teaching built around the question: What are the relationships among the technical and nontechnical dimensions of engineering practice, and how do these relationships change over time and from place to place? Addressing and responding to this question can also involve engineering studies scholars as critical participants in the areas they study including, for example, engineering professional configuration and formation, engineering work practices, engineering design, equity (gender, racial, ethnic, class, geopolitical inclusion within engineering), and engineering’s service to society.

Membership in INES is designed to complement memberships in other professional societies—the constitutive disciplines and areas of study upon which INES scholarship builds. INES' mission is threefold:

  1. Advance research and teaching in historical, social, cultural, political, philosophical, rhetorical, and organizational studies of engineers and engineering;
  2. Build and serve diverse communities of researchers, teachers, and thoughtful (reflexive) practitioners interested in engineering studies; and
  3. Link scholarly work in engineering studies to broader discussions and debates about engineering education, research, practice, policy, and representation.

Officers and Directors

Under our new bylaws, INES is administered by the following Officers and “Network Administrators” or liaisons to other professional societies and organizations. (The officers and liaisons together serve as INES’ Directors according to our charter and bylaws.)


Chair Atsushi Akera (Rensselaer)
Vice Chair Jessica Smith (Colorado School of Mines)
Past Chair Gary Downey (Virginia Tech)
Secretary/Treasurer Alice Clifton-Morekis (Georgia Tech)
Editor-in-Chief (Engineering Studies) Cyrus Mody (Univ. of Maastricht)
Web Editor Brent Jesiek (Purdue)
Social Media Coordinator (vacant)

Liaisons (Directors):

4S Vivian Lagesen (NTNU)
SHOT/Prometheans Amy Sue Bix (Iowa State)
ASEE Atsushi Akera (Rensselaer)
Union College E&LE Symposium Atsushi Akera (Rensselaer)
Society for Literature Science
and the Arts (SLSA)
James Malazita (Rensselaer)
Tyler Fox (Univ. of Washington)
American Anthropological Assn (AAA) Beth Reddy (Colorado School of Mines)

Editorial Board (Engineering Studies):
Our ISI indexed journal, Engineering Studies, is administered by our Editor-in-Chief with the guidance of its Editorial Board:

Matthew Wisnioski (Virginia Tech), Chair 2018-2021
Aditya Johri (George Mason University) 2018-2019
Vivian Lagesen (NTNU) 2018-2020
Donna Riley (Purdue) 2018-2020
Dominique Vinck (Univ. Lausanne) 2018-2021
Atsushi Akera (Rensselaer) (ex-officio, as INES Chair)

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