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We invite you to join or renew your membership to INES, which automatically subscribes you to Engineering Studies. Preferred payment method is by credit card.

Regular Rate (US $56) For professionals, INES membership includes a one-year subscription to Engineering Studies at the discounted, at-cost rate of US $46 (versus the normal individual rate that can be four times this amount), as well as a US $10 annual fee to cover INES’ operating expenses including such things as bank fees and web-related expenses.

Discounted Rate (US $46) For students, retirees, those on reduced income, and scholars from non-OECD countries, join or renew at the at-cost rate of US $46. This also includes a one-year subscription to Engineering Studies.



Membership FAQ

What payment types do you accept?

Our payment processing provider accepts American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard.

How can I stay current with all the latest INES news?

As an INES member, you will automatically receive announcements from the INES Announce list, You will also be subscribed to the INES Discuss list, You may opt out of either list at any time by following the periodic instructions pertaining to list administration, or by visiting the subscriber configuration page for Announce or Discuss.

How can I support INES or sponsor a member who cannot afford to join?

Please alert the INES Secretary/Treasurer if you want to make a donation to the organization, or sponsor a scholar in need. Sponsors pay for a one-year membership ($46), renewable only if authorized. Sponsors may attach conditions they deem appropriate (student, non-OECD country, specific member). If you know of a scholar in need (including yourself), please let us know as well.

What is the term or duration of my membership and access to the journal?

INES memberships follow the calendar year: January 1 – December 31. By default, membership requests and renewals submitted after October 29 will result in a membership for the following calendar year. If you wish to receive the print copies of the journal for the current year, please contact the INES Secretary/Treasurer.

After I join or renew, how do I get access to the journal Engineering Studies?

All members receive paper copies of the journal by mail, and can also access all prior and current journal content via Taylor & Francis Online. New members should create a new account on the site, while renewals are linked to pre-existing accounts. Please expect approximately one week for subscription information to get processed by INES and Taylor & Francis.

If I have problems with my membership or subscription, whom should I contact?

Questions about membership payment or status should be directed to the INES Secretary/Treasurer, while questions about accessing journal content via Taylor & Francis Online should be directed to