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The International Network for Engineering Studies (INES) was founded in Paris in 2004 and currently has 275 members. INES operates as a collection of overlapping intellectual communities, linked by workshops, conferences, its journal Engineering Studies, and this website.

The field of engineering studies is a diverse, interdisciplinary arena of scholarly research and teaching built around the question: What are the relationships among the technical and the nontechnical dimensions of engineering practices, and how do these relationships change over time and from place to place? Addressing and responding to this question can sometimes involve engineering studies researchers as critical participants in the practices they study, including, for example, engineering formation, engineering work, engineering design, equity in engineering (gender, racial, ethnic, class, geopolitical), and engineering service to society.

2014 Forum on Philosophy, Engineering and Technology (INES Affiliated Event)

2014 Forum on Philosophy, Engineering and Technology
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
May 27-29, 2014
Forum Information

The mission of the Forum is (1) to encourage reflection on engineering, engineers, and technology by philosophers, engineers,
social scientists, and scholars in related fields, and (2) to build bridges between existing organizations of philosophers, engineers,
social scientists, and scholars in related fields. This third meeting of fPET follows fPET-2012, hosted by the University of the
Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing; and fPET-2010, the inaugural meeting, held in Golden, Colorado at the Colorado School
of Mines.

500-700 word abstracts are being accepted for any of the following four topical tracks:

  • Philosophy of engineering and technology
  • Engineering ethics
  • Reflections of practioners
  • Engineering studies/interdisciplinary topics on engineering

Call for Papers (PDF)

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